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Updates to Workforce

These are the notable improvements to Manage Workforce for this release.

HR Requisitions

  • Codeunit 23032205 - HRRequestAEP  has been updated to enable creating HR Requisitions via Web Services.
    Ref: CAS-11333-V2S7

My Team

  • Drilling down to Attendance Approvals from the ABSENCE REQUESTS PENDING column now passes delegation information. (4211)

HR Tasks

  • Attachments from the HR Task Type are now transferred to the Employee Tasks when the task is associated with an employee.
    Ref: CAS-11631-P6Y0

Engage Applicant Tracking Integration to Workforce Manage

  • With this release also comes a seamless integration between Manage Workforce and Engage Applicant Tracking. This real-time, automated integration allows for synchronization between the common data points used throughout the system including  Dimensions, Dimension Values, Countries, Qualifications List, Positions, Position Qualifications, Position Locations, HR Requests, HR Applicants, Applicant Qualifications and Employees. Each system is fit for their respective functional area and used in a way to maximize it’s strengths while the integration keeps everything synchronized for easy access and flow from start to finish in the applicant tracking management process.
    Ref: CAS-10916-T9Q9

  • A new Boolean CRM Applicant has been added to the HR Request Details page. The field is hidden by default and can be made visible by customizing the page. It is used in the integration to Engage Applicant Tracking to indicate that the applicant record is being transferred from Engage.
    Ref: CAS-11701-C3Q5
  • HR Representatives can now be linked to Employees.
    Ref: CAS-11803-Z8N8
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