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Defects Corrected in Finance

This page summarizes the defects in Finance that have been resolved with this release.

Finance fixes : NAV

Case Number Description
CAS-11079-Y8H5 Users are not prevented from manually changing the status on a Request to In-progress.
CAS-11179-Q3M0 Correct filters are applied on General Journal Comments/Attachments.
CAS-11592-D9T2 Tax self-assessment is now accounting for the expense amounts that are rebated on documents processed in foreign currency.

Finance fixes : Employee Center

Case Number / Task Description
4001 When entering a new item in Employee Center on the Purchase/Payment request, if the Commitment GL account is configured on the item card, it will be used to default the Account No field
CAS-11222-R4H7 Purchase Order print view layout and spacing improvements
CAS-11460-Q3F2 Purchase Order and Receiving history / archived items: Show only the current / most recent version
CAS-10837-T0K0 Blocked the Print View for PRs and Claims in Cancelled or Template states
CAS-11684-Q8F1 Switched to a new Comb Code control on the PR line that filters the selections as input is entered
CAS-11720-J0D7 Expand the width of the View Option drop-down on Financial Analysis
CAS-11909-P1K6 Financial Analysis: Resolved a drop-down control issue with Internet Explorer


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