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Defects Corrected in Workforce

This page summarizes the defects in Workforce that have been resolved with this release.

Workforce fixes : NAV

Case Number Description
CAS-11646-G2L1 Pay Structure Grid Details now show the correct Pay Structure name on the page header.
CAS-11647-L1X6 Several changes have been made to the OTIP HRIS Export.
CAS-11728-B7X7 The payroll calculation is now excluding active  payroll controls when the assignment they are linked to is not active at the time of running the calculation.
CAS-11755-F6T6 Absence requests when processed no longer create validation issues for regular shifts in the same day as the absence for the employee.
CAS-11841-H2C4 Get Schedule Entries is now pulling identically named activities in different units with different dimensions with the correct dimensions.
CAS-11771-L5P4 A new parameter that specifies the current pay cycle period has been added to the absence confirmation email link. Using the link uses can now open the current Absence Confirmation page from the Employee Center.
CAS-11843-K8P0 Schedule card pay cycle is now tracked by user, not globally for all users.
CAS-11895-N3S1 Users can now delete schedule entries from the Payroll Journal based on the filter applied to the journal.
CAS-11853-D6R3 Assignment Details, drill down to Report to Position now opens the correct HR Position.


Workforce fixes : Employee Center

Case Number Description
CAS-11413-X2L5 Time Entry: Dimensions set as not visible were incorrectly omitted from the created record
CAS-11494-G9P9 Time Entry: When a new instance of a position starts in the middle of a pay cycle, order the dropdown by active positions
CAS-11567-N0B8 Time Entry: Eliminated an unwanted data entry field on Monday for the second week when a position ends in the middle of a Pay Cycle
CAS-11410-P1Y0 Resolved issues where some emails might not be forwarded by SMTP
CAS-11634-L4R2 Absence Confirmation: The default period shown when using the emailed link will be the current approval period
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