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Maintenance Release 2016 (SP1)

This Service Pack addresses known defects in the 9.05 release. It also provides small enhancements requested by Sparkrock's customers.


This release is a Sparkrock Manage service pack. It includes functional enhancements and defect corrections for existing features.

NOTE: This service pack includes and requires several Dynamics NAV hotfixes, as detailed below.


The following changes are included in this release:


Microsoft Dynamics NAV

  • A number of workflow related fixes have been applied to correct workflow issues still outstanding. (Ref: CAS-11881-B7D0)

Employee Center

  • Resolved issues with the Master EWA User when enabling or disabling Multi-Company. (Ref: CAS-11723-L8L1)
  • Resolved an Internet Explorer related issue with Financial Analysis (4530, Ref: CAS-11909-P1K6)


Employee Scheduling

  • Added a processing-only report to correct shift status.
    • Processing-only report 92001 was added to correct the shift statuses if they are not properly updated with the deletion of related entries on the Payroll Journal. (Ref: CAS-11924-Y2W5)
    • Resolved an issue with assignment Pay Cycle filtering that could cause schedule lines to load into the wrong payroll journal. (Ref: CAS-12111-N6H8)

  • Shift Details: When an employee cannot change pay controls, they should not be able to change them in the Activity. (4604)
  • Shift Details: Change Requests opened from Approve Shifts Worked showed the page in the wrong mode. (4581)

Absence Management & Employee Scheduling Integration

  • Cancelling Absence Requests linked to Employee Scheduling now removes the blocking shifts from the unavailable unit for the respective area. (Ref: CAS-12026-T5W7)
  • Employee Center uses now can reopen Pending Absence Request when a cause of absence linked to Employee Scheduling is used. (Ref: CAS-12552-V4F8)
  • Scheduled column has been removed from employee attendance plan lines. ( Ref: CAS-12435-P5H8)

Absence Management

  • Absence Confirmation: Improvements to default period shown. (4429, Ref: CAS-11634-L4R2)
  • Resolved an issue where Requestor and Approver could not re-open a request for a specific Cause of Absence. (4711)
  • Resolved an issue with auto approvals. (4666,  Ref: CAS-12250-P0G8)
  • Resolved an issue with approval when the requestor is also the approver (4431).
    • This issue requires the corresponding NAV object change. (Ref: CAS-12250-P0G8)
  • Resolved an issue with Employee Selection when multiple assignments per employee report to the same manager (4609, Ref: CAS-12140-V5G1)


  • The ROE report now includes all the employees in the export, not just the first one. The ROE pay period amounts are now properly allocated per employee. (Ref: CAS-11997-N1H1)
  • Count on Payroll Details Factbox now shows only active Payroll controls. (Ref: CAS-12049-N5G3)

Employee Profile

  • Resolved a problem when uploading a Change Request attachment to the Employee Profile. (4479, Ref: CAS-11799-W9H7)
    • Report 50096 has been added to repair the issue for existing attachments. The report updates the Time 1 date on Portal Change Entry with the date from Code 1 so that users can view the attachments associated with a change request on My Profile. For clients that need the report, it is recommended to add it to the menu in Portal Change Entry so users can run it on demand. ( Ref: CAS-11924-Y2W5)
  • Resolved a problem when viewing attachments. (4719)

HR Requisitions

  • Resolved an issue when Country/ Region= Canada, some fields displayed as SSN instead of SIN

Time Entry

  • Resolved usability issues when a new instance of a position starts in the middle of a pay cycle (4325, Ref: CAS-11494-G9P9)

Applicant Tracking Integration

  • The employee record integration is now transferring values for province and country. (Ref: CAS-12077-G0K6)
  • Corrected an issue with password encryption for the Applicant Tracking integration in the Workforce setup. (Ref: CAS-11977-D2L3)



  • Users have been experiencing one cent rounding issues on Purchase Invoices due to having each tax rounded separately. The calculation has been changed to do the rounding at the last tax line to reduce the possibility of one cent discrepancies between the tax calculated and the tax on the vendor document.(Ref: CAS-11692-M9W1)
  • Removed Sparkrock approval process references from the recurring journal. The Sparkrock approval process was discontinued in our 2016 version. (Ref: CAS-11980-L8F9)
  • Users can now use multiple number series for creating Purchase Invoices when A/P Batch is enabled. (Ref: CAS-12248-Y9X0)

Financial Analysis

  • Hide dimensions column when not enabled. (4677)
  • Export up to 8 dimensions when exporting details. (4403)

Financial Approval

  • Resolved a situation where only Financial Approval was delegated and the delegate was not able to approve Expense claims (4502)

Online Expense Claims

  • Resolved an issue with Credit Card expenses where the new max allowable amount field prevented the claim when it was defaulted to zero. (4647, Ref: CAS-12297-Z9L0) 
  • When a corporate credit card expense line is checked as Personal Amount, the Max Allowable Limit should not be considered. The employee can have any amount in this line. (4639)

  • Removed the Public Template feature for Expense Claims (Public Template remains available for Purchase/Payment). Private templates remain available for all types. (4564)

  • Added the ability to see expense claims approved by the logged-in user in the claims list. (3449, Ref: CAS-10844-J7Z1)

Online Requisitions

  • Commitment GL Account are now defaulting on the G/L Account for Items. (4001)
  • Resolved a permissions issue where Purchase Requisition detail could not be loaded for the approver. (4435)
  • Changed the Budget Calculation on Purchase Request for certain statuses where Request Amount was not part of the budget calculation, but was considered when calculating the insufficient funds warning. (4500, Ref: CAS-11680-S8R6)
  • Resolved an issue when approvers are deleted from Approval Threshold table, they were erroneously removed from processed Purchase Requests. (4606, Ref: CAS-11493-D6X8) 
  • Resolved an issue where single quotes in filters prevented the Purchase Request from being submitted. (4605, Ref: CAS-12071-Z2W7)
  • Resolved an issue with Finance Requests document copy. When the origin request had status Approved, In Progress, or Completed references to linked Purchase Documents were incorrectly transferred to the newly created request. (4740, Ref: CAS-12557-B6Y1)
  • Populated the "To" field of the "Send By Email" dialog with the vendor email address, if present. Vendor email address is obtained from the Vendor Card on the Communications Fast Tab. (4752, Ref: CAS-12530-M3F0)
    Note: In the next version of Employee Center, the Vendor "fax" field will be removed from Employee Center pages and replaced by the email address.  (The Fax number will remain present on the Vendor card.)

Online Receiving

  • Resolved a scenario that allowed a user to enter the full quantity after a partial receive. (4559, Ref: CAS-11984-J1R5)

Upgrade Considerations for 9.05 SP1

Customers that upgrade to this version need to consider the following:

  • Customers using Employee Scheduling and having issues with shift statuses after deleting shifts from the Payroll Journal need to run processing-only report 92001 to correct these statuses.
  • Customers configuring the integration between Applicant Tracking and Workforce on this release are required to have their license regenerated. This is to address the licensing error when setting up a password for the connection for the integration.
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