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The primary focus of this release is enhancing Employee Scheduling.

This release includes all changes released in the Manage 09.05 Service Pack 1 (SP1) release as well as some subsequent hotfixes.


In Employee Center, the Purchase Order and Receiving page was redesigned based on customer feedback and suggestions on our IDEA portal. We also made a number of usability improvements to Purchase Requisitions and Payment Requests. See Updates to Finance.


Minor changes and enhancements were made to Workforce. See Updates to Workforce.

Upgrade Considerations for 9.06

Customers that upgrade to version 9.06 need to consider the following:

Employee Scheduling

Some objects have been renumbered, as a result a new license is needed for this area.

Web Services

A number of new Web Services have been added, please run the EWA Load Standard Page routine.


A number of new captions have been added, please run the EWA Load Captions ML routine.

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