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Updates to Finance

This section highlights changes and enhancements to the Finance module from the 9.06 release of the Sparkrock solution.  Usability enhancements were a particular focus of this release.

General Improvements

Numerous usability improvements have been made to the Finance module:

  • Clicking on a row in the list page now opens the related details document.
  • A new Email field was added to the Purchase Request Custom Vendor table and Create New Vendor report. 

Jet Reports Integration

  • The Finance module now integrates with Jet Reports. The General Journal Import from Excel checks to see if Cell A1 has Auto+Hide, which identifies the file as Jet Reports format. In this case, the report start readings data from cell B5; otherwise the data will be read from cell A4. The General Journal Import now skips lines with Amount=0.

ACH EFT Payment Support

  • The Finance module now supports the ACH EFT payment method with CTX. When using this payment method, You must specify the bank number in both the Bank Number and the Transit Number fields on the Vendor bank account record.
  • For more information, see Adding the Required EFT Setup Details.

Tracking W9 Expiry

  • Three fields were added to the Vendor Card:
    • W9 Sent: Boolean
    • W9 Received: Boolean
    • W9 Expirers Date: Date

Child Care Billing

  • Child Care Billing Enabled flag was added to the Sales and Receivables Setup to allow for generating automated child care invoices. Enabling this flag adds child care fields to the Item and Customer cards.

Online Expense Claims

  • You can now include a description when uploading an attachment by URL. 

New Option Caption query

  • The Option Caption query was added to retrieve option string translations and pass them to Employee Center.

Menu and Page Enhancements

Usability enhancements were made to the following NAV menus and pages:

  • Added Currency Code to Posted Purchase Invoice and Credit Memos when viewed from history. Use the Show Columns command to display this field.
  • Added Posting Description and Currency Code to the Archived Purchase Order List. Use the Show Columns command to display the currency.
  • Added Posting Description to the Archived Purchase Order page.
  • Reversed the order of Step and Grade on Assignment and HR Positions to reflect the proper sequence for selecting and viewing these fields.
  • Added the Sync CRM Integration Tables menu item to the Integration Setup table field.
  • Updated the Report to Position drill-down on the Employee Appraisals page now shows the report to position.
  • Added the Name 2 field to the Vendor list. Use the Show Columns command to display this field.
  • Added the Name 2 field to the Customer list and card. Use the Show Columns command and then customize the Customer card to display this field.
  • Added the Dimension Combination Code field to posted Sales Credit memo lines.
  • Added the PR Details Mandatory boolean to the EWA Setup card.
  • Added Status and removed Employer No from the HR Employee List page.
  • Removed the Pipe Delimited report.
  • Added the Master EWA User No field to the EWA User List card. Use the Show Columns command to display this field.
  • Added the EWA Vendor Instructions field to the Vendor card.
  • Added the Amount Including Tax field to the Purchase Invoice and Purchase Credit Memo pages. Use the Show Columns command to display this field.

Purchasing, Payments, and Invoices

General Improvements 

Numerous usability improvements have been made to Purchasing pages:

  • Clicking on a row in the list page now opens the related details document.
  • Several changes were made to improve usability in presenting and grouping archived documents.
  • The Description and Amount columns now appear on Purchasing list pages.
  • The Version No. column (for archived items) is now named Archived No. In Both mode, the current item is shown as Current in this column. (See Figure 1, below.)
  • The Date Archived column no longer appears (due to page space considerations, replaced by the Amount column).
  • The Receive Status column now appears as Receive. The descriptive status text for the Receive and Status columns was shortened to fit the redesigned page.
  • You can now filter purchase orders using the new MINE/ALL filter. This filter is set to MINE by default, and only shows purchase orders linked to purchase requisitions created by the current (logged-in) user.

Purchase Order and Receiving screen shot
Figure 1: The Purchase Orders & Receiving list, highlighting the MINE/ALL filter and the archived item changes.

Details Section

In the Details collapsible section, the following changes were made to improve usability:

  • The Estimated amount field only displays if the currency selected is different from the local currency.
  • The Currency field only displays when at least one currency is configured to display on the Employee Center. Customers not using the multi-currency feature will no longer see this field.
  • The Requisition Type/Request Type fields only display when they are used (that is, when value for this drop-down are defined).
  • The Payment Method drop-down only displays if there are lines and available methods.
  • The Budget Name field was move to the Budget collapsible section and renamed to Current Budget.
  • The Comments collapsible section automatically expands to display comments.
  • Usability improvements were made to the Attachable collapsible section. Adding a file is now the default option, and the section now automatically expands to display attachments.

Items Section

In the Items collapsible section, the following changed were made to improve usability:

  • When selecting an Expense or Item, the Category and Product Group drop-down filters are now sorted alphabetically. 
  • Changed the display order of the Purchaser Code and Comb. Code fields.
  • Purchaser Code does not display on the lines if no value has been set up in the system, or if all values are blocked.
  • You can now configure the Details field as a mandatory field.

Vendors Section

  • You can enter an email address when a new vendor is created. The email address is then transferred to the Vendor Card.
  • The Fax Number field no longer appears on the New Vendor dialog box.The field is still available on the Vendor Card.

Purchase Order Report improvements

  • Various layout improvements have been made to the Purchase Order report.

Customer Statement improvements

  • Version transactions are shown on the balance brought forward so that payments are not zeroed out and off-set against invoices, debits and credits are in one column with credits shown as negatives, and totals are not split.

Expose Purchase Request Type

  • The Purchase Request Type now displays on the PO History- Requisition list.

Printing Buyer Signatures on Purchase Orders

  • Purchasing can attach a signature to the buyer (purchaser) and have the buyer name and signature added to the Purchase Order Word print form.
  • Report 23020141 now includes the following fields:
    • Buyer Code
    • Buyer Name
    • Buyer Signature

Purchase Requisition on Purchase Order Lines

  • Use the Show Columns command on Purchase Order lines to display the Purchase Requisition type.


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