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Defects Corrected in Finance

This page summarizes the defects in Finance that have been resolved with this release.

This release includes all of the defect fixes included in the Manage 09.05 Service Pack 1 (SP1) release as well as some subsequent hotfixes.

Finance Foundation

Case Number / Task Description
CAS-11889-G2B8 Tax calculations now show expense-eligible taxes as part of the tax total for the Purchase Order word layout.
CAS-12123-F7Q0 References to AP Batch on Purchase Invoices are now working as expected.
CAS-12123-F7Q0 Get Purchase Order lines now show released Purchase Orders where Qty. to Receive = 0 but not all lines were received.
CAS-12562-G4R5 When creating new customers and vendors, the caption for Province now reads "Province/State" instead of "State/ZIP Code".
CAS-12565-S7X8 Approver Entries are no longer deleted with closing a Purchase Order. They are kept for auditing purposes.
CAS-12620-V7T8 Purchase Orders can now be closed manually when the Purchase Order approval workflow is enabled.
CAS-12631-D2N4 The Customer Address field on the Cash Receipt to Deposit dialog box has been expanded to 50 characters.
CAS-12684-D6R6 The Detailed Commitment Entries calculation is now working as expected when running the Commitment Roll Forward report.
CAS-12864-W7T5 A new Adjust Penny Rounding boolean flag was added to Purchase and Payable Setup to allow for posting invoices when there is penny difference. 
CAS-12865-Z1X5 Accounts Payable staff can now preview an invoice posting in an Accounts Payable Batch before the invoice has been audited.
CAS-12866-X4W0 Dimensions are no longer cleared when entering Dimension Combination codes on Sales Invoices without a General Ledger account and then selecting a General Ledger account.
CAS-12959-L6R6 In previous versions, when entering bank deposits, only the first line appeared and the second line was left blank. The description on Deposit lines now populates each line type correctly.
CAS-13151-F0T2 Users can now change the Dimension Combination code on Purchase Invoice lines that are linked to a Purchase receipt with a code that has the same General Ledger account or no General Ledger account associated with it.
CAS-12900-H8N0 Validation was added to the Approval Threshold table that guides setup. The approval sequence for Type= Budget can now only be 0 and for Type=Amount it must be greater than 0.

Employee Center

Case Number / Task Description
Corrected a performance issue with the Purchase Invoice table that caused long delays when many records are present.
CAS-12870-Z4W5 Credit card entries in USD could be incorrectly revalued to a different CAD rate. Now they will retain the credit card rate.
CAS-12761-Y9Y7 Individual user security combo codes could expose unwanted dimension combinations for selection on payment requests.
CAS-12071-Z2W7 Fully corrected a purchase reqeust issue which was previously worked around with single quotes in security filters.
Corrected a payment request issue where the Due Date showed a French calendar even when operating in English.
CAS-12437-N0J5 Corrected an issue with selection of Over Budget approvers.






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