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Defects Corrected in Workforce

This page summarizes the defects in Workforce that have been resolved with this release.

This release includes all of the defect fixes included in the Manage 09.05 Service Pack 1 (SP1) release as well as some subsequent hotfixes.

General HR

Case Number / Task Description
CAS-10103-F7R3 Position Name has been added to the HR Position Ledger entry No lookup on Employee payroll control.
CAS-10103-F7R3 Payroll Control code is now editable when using the Edit HR Position Ledger Entry feature.
CAS-11227-W5K8 In previous versions, a date error occurred when trying to process mass HR requests. This issue has been resolved.
CAS-11964-K7B7 Several issues with the OTIP HRIS export have been resolved.

Attendance and Absence Management

Case Number / Task Description
CAS-12129-V9K9 Attendance and Absence Management: In previous versions errors occurred when filtering the End of Year report by employee or attendance plan. These issues have been resolved.
CAS-12897-M3L7 Attendance and Absence Management: In previous versions, Quantity is not calculated correctly with the cause of absence with Calc Type = Day. This issue has been fixed. If Calc Type = Day, Use Schedule Quantity and Hide Quantity are disabled on the Cause of Absence card.

Employee Scheduling

Case Number / Task Description
CAS-12599-N4B3 Employee Scheduling: Get Schedule Entries now reports an error if it detects a line related to a shift activity that was already assigned at least once.
CAS-12649-X8X1 Corrected the calculation of pay period hours for an employee so that the related warnings are accurate.

Time Entry

Case Number / Task Description
CAS-12447-Q4F7 Corrected an issue with the print view for delegates, where the wrong name was displayed.

Training Management

Case Number / Task Description
CAS-11994-N6L7 Training Management: The No. Instructor flowfield has been removed from the Training Registration card.
CAS-11994-N6L7 Training Management: Validation has been added to ensure that Minimum Participant does not exceed Maximum Participant when the latter is greater than 0.
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