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9.06 SP1 Maintenance Release

This Service Pack addresses known defects in the 9.06 release. It also provides small enhancements requested by Sparkrock's customers.


Release 9.06SP1 is a Sparkrock service pack. It includes functional enhancements and defect corrections for existing features. 

The following changes are included in this release:

Updates to Finance

The following features were added to the Finance module for version 9.06SP1:

General Updates

The following fields were updated in the Finance module:

  • The Bank Account Filter field was removed from the EWA User and EWA Profile windows, as this field is no longer used. (CAS-13279-Z7M3)
  • The Reason Code and User ID fields have been added to the General Ledger Budget window.
  • The External Document No. field has been added to the Recurring General Journal window.

General Ledger

Workflow Support for Recurring Journal

  • Workflow support for Recurring Journals was added for both batch and line approvals. 
  • You can add new standard templates using the Workflow Templates > Insert Other Standard Templates command, and then use these templates to build your own workflows.
  • A new Recurring Journal filter has been added to the existing General Journal Approval Workflows templates. Existing General Journal workflows now include this filter as well. (CAS-13398-S2C9)

General Journal Approvals

  • The Approver ID field was added to the General Journal, which enables you to view related approval entries from the General Ledger. This field is populated when the General Journal Line Approval workflow is used, and allows you to see related approval entries from General Ledger entries and General Ledger Register. (CAS-13242-K2F9)


  • You can now link a buyer/purchaser to a User ID. When purchasers are linked to a user ID, the Purchasing Agent Role Center now displays the Open, Approved, and Completed/Canceled cue boxes. (CAS-13409-N2T9)
  • A new Request No. filter was added to the EWA Update Request Approvers. (CAS-13036-Y8H7)
  • The Hide Invoices Before Date field was added EWA Setup window's Purchase-Payment Requests FastTab. This limits the record set shown on the Employee Center Purchase Invoices list page to omit older records (based on Posting Date). (CAS-13148-H7P6)

Online Requisitions

  • The View Own Requests Only flag was added to the EWA Profile card. When selected, employees associated with this profile are only able to view the purchase requisitions and payment request created by them or on their behalf. Managers will also be able to see purchase requisitions and payment requests approved by them. See Viewing Own Purchase and Payment Requests.
  • A new Purchase-Payment grouping was added to the EWA Profile window's General FastTab. (CAS-13148-H7P6)
  • The Show Budget PR Employee boolean was added to the EWA Profile window's General FastTab. This boolean is enabled by default. Clear this check box to hide the budget tab and insufficient budget warning from employees with the associated profile. (CAS-13148-H7P6)

Online Expenses

  • The Tax Caption field was added to the EWA Setup window's Expense Claims FastTab and the EWA Caption Translation window. 
    Use this field to customize the Employee Center Expense page's Tax Area drop-down. (CAS-13148-H7P6)

Defects Corrected in Finance

The following Finance defects were resolved in version 9.06SP1:

Case Number / Task Description
CAS-12958-R5X7 Email Sales Invoices and Email Credit Memos have been enhanced to allow sending emails to manually-entered recipients.
CAS-13323-R8K1 Childcare billing updates.
CAS-13188-D1H5 The Batch Control report total is now calculated using the numbers from each invoice, using the rounded amount as calculated for each individual invoice.
CAS-13193-Z1N6 When printing multiple sales invoices, each printed invoice displays the invoice total.
CAS-13199-T6D5 You can no longer undo purchase receipts once the receipt line has been invoiced.
CAS-13210-L1S5 The posting description from the posted purchase invoice now displays on the EFT Remittance Advice.
CAS-13248-S4F2 The PO Information factbox now shows all amounts in the currency of the document. The Amount to be Received and Amount to be Invoiced calculations now include expensed tax.
CAS-13259-D8S7 Accounts Payable can now accept a mix of regular and self-assessed lines on the same purchase invoice.
CAS-13293-N7P2 The Dimension Combination Code is no longer editable on purchase invoice lines linked to purchase receipts. 
CAS-13348-T6Q1 If the description on the dimension combination is more than 50 characters, the Cash Receipt lines are populated with the General Ledger Account description. If no General Ledger Account is specified, the Cash Receipt line description is set to the dimension combination description if its length is 50 characters or less. Otherwise, the description is left blank.
CAS-13353-C5F3 The Purchase Order Information factbox now shows the correct number of attachments when there are no attachments added to the linked purchase requisitions. 
CAS-13354-B3F7 You can now print purchase orders with the Details field on the line having all the allowed characters filled in and without spaces.
CAS-13385-B3D1 The default General Ledger Account field has been restored on the Customer Card.
CAS-13455-G0X8 Running the Customer Statement report with Statement Style = Balance now shows invoices as debits and payments as credits.
CAS-11623-W3X7 The Check No. field is six digits when MICR format is used.
N/A The Close Purchase Order button on the Employee Center Purchase Order page is now disabled until the purchase order status is set to Released.
CAS-13468-Z3H8 Made updates to the PromotedActionCategoriesML property on the Vendor List and added a new category Create New
  Fixed an issue with the Dimension Combination list not sorting correctly when clicking the column header.
CAS-13081-N7J0 Fixed an issue with Approvals where approval notification emails were not being sent beyond the initial approver.
CAS-13684-Q5D0 Navigating to All Entries from Approval Entries pages no longer generates errors.
CAS-13694-M0S5 The Last Name field in Vendor Reporting has been changed to Last Name/Company Name. The field is now editable when Tax Identification Type = Legal Entity.
CAS-13480-Q2D7 Fixed an issue where T4A info on the Vendor Card does not appear correctly on T4A slip.

Updates to Workforce

The following features were added to the Workforce module for version 9.06SP1:

Employee Management

  • Usability improvements were made to the HR Employee navigation menu. 
  • On opening Employee Ledger Entries the user is brought to the bottom of the page, where the most recent check will display. Lines with Payroll Control Type = Net Pay are bolded for better visibility.


  • The Total Amount field was added to the Payroll Ledger Entry and Employee Ledger Entry page. (CAS-13571-M0X3)

Statutory Holiday Pay

  • For customers in Alberta and Ontario, you can now calculate statutory holiday pay. The Payroll Calculation engine determines the total eligible earnings for the four-week period before a statutory holiday. This amount is used to determine what the statutory pay amount is for eligible employees. (CAS-11776-K2P8, CAS-12458-Z9Q8)
  • The Statutory Holiday Pay calculation replaces the existing Ontario Statutory Pay calculation.
  • For more information, see Configuring Payroll for Statutory Holiday Pay.

Position Management

  • The Assignment Start Reason Code field now appears in the Options section of the Mass Creation HR Requests window. (CAS-13037-T4M9)

Absence Management

  • The First Name and Last Name fields were added to the Absence Registration window. You need to use Show Columns to make these fields visible. (CAS-13279-Z7M3)
  • A warning/confirmation message was added when deleting attendance plans. (CAS-12899-Q4R5)

Defects Corrected in Workforce

The following Workforce defects were resolved in version 9.06SP1:

Case Number / Task Description
CAS-13187-W8N2 Deleting HR requests also deletes the related HR Request process steps.
CAS-13200-L7Y9 When creating countries or processing HR requests, the "The integration setup does not exist" error no longer occurs. 
CAS-12383-M8D1 The FTE Variance field on the HR Position list now shows the same value as on the HR Position FactBox.
CAS-12616-P6R4 Fixed an issue with HR requests where Amount fails to default from Position or HR PLE when Pay Structure type=Band.
CAS‌-12633-M5Q6 Fixed an issue with HR requests where Employee Rate, Pay Grade, and Pay Steps were not populating when HR Reason code= Details Change. 
CAS-13332-L0K3 Fixed a text display error in the Attendance & Requests Balances view.
CAS‌-12843-H9J3 Fixed an issue with Time Entry where re-opened timesheets were not available to employees.
  Fixed an issue with HR requests where the Employer field is not defaulting from HR PLE when HR Reason Code=One Time Payroll Entry.
  Fixed an issue with HR requests where an incorrect HR position was retrieved when creating requests for delegates, and when HR Reason Code = Hire.
  Fixed an issue with HR requests where the correct Full-Time Equivalent is not defaulted when selecting an HR position.
  Fixed an issue with Shift Trading functionality, where employees are unable to see available shifts in the current week.
  Fixed an error with Employee Scheduling when updating the Payroll Control Code.

Upgrade Considerations

Consider the following when you upgrade to version 9.06SP1: 

  • If you have customized the standard check report, please make sure you do not have it replaced with the upgrade.
  • A Recurring Journal filter was added to General Journal Approval Workflow templates. This filter is also automatically applied to existing General Journal Approval workflows.
  • The Statutory Holiday Pay calculation replaces the existing Ontario Statutory Pay calculation.
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