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General Updates

This section highlights changes and enhancements from the 9.07 release of the Sparkrock solution.

New Upgrade Procedures

Certain version upgrade procedures were updated to work in a more automated way. This change should be transparent to most customers. 

Standard Role Centers

The Recreate Profiles function was added to the Profile page. This function sets up the role centers that are commonly used and removes default Dynamics NAV role centers that are not relevant for Sparkrock customers. 

Update User Name for Cloud Customers 

The Update User Name command was added to User cards. This command is only visible if the Allow Edit User Name checkbox is enabled on the User Setup window. Otherwise, this action is not visible.

Loading Option Captions Report 

Load option captions no longer has a layout when run. The language option filters are hard-coded to ENU, ENC and FRC. The report now is run as part of the upgrade procedure with every upgrade. The manual option to run the report is available for occasional use.

Master Record Attributes

An attribute system (custom, user-defined fields) has been added to the following master records:

  • Customer
  • Vendor 
  • Item 
  • Bank Account 
  • Employee 
  • Fixed Asset 
  • Contract 
  • Appraisals 
  • HR Position
  • Expense Type
  • Project 
  • HR Applicant 

For more information, see How to Work with Master Record Attributes.

EWA security filters

The maximum size of the security filter fields on the EWA User card have been expanded to 250 characters.

Employee Center "New" Button Renamed

The New button used in the Employee Center menu has been renamed to Create to make it more clear that this is a button that performs an action.

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