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Updates to Finance

This section highlights changes and enhancements to the Finance module from the 9.07 release of the Sparkrock solution.

General Updates

  • The From Location and To Location fields have been removed from the Purchase Requisition and Payment Request pages.
  • The EWA User Name field has been added to the Corp. Card Expense Lines page.
  • The Item category and Product Group fields are now available on the Posted Purchase Invoice and Posted Credit Memo pages.
  • The Main Asset/Component and Component of Main Asset fields are now available on the Fixed Assets list and page.
  • The Fixed Asset FactBox has been added to the Standard Asset page.
  • The Tax Area Code field has been added to the Item Card.
  • The Provincial Tax Area Code field has been added to the Payment Request and Expense Claim pages when accessed from the Request Inbox. When this field is populated, the value is transferred to the corresponding Purchase Invoice.
  • The Description-Comment field can now be displayed as a field on Purchase Requisition, Payment Request and Expense Claim lines using the Show Columns command.

Budget Management

The following improvements to budgeting were made in version 9.07:

New Dimensions

The G/L Budget Entry, Budget Journal and Budget Journal Imports now support eight dimensions.

The Budget Adjustment Journal Import from Excel template has been updated to support these new dimensions.

Standard Journal added to Budget Journal 

Users can now save a Standard Budget Journal and apply it to a Budget Journal when needed.

Budget Journal Approval Workflow

You can now use Insert Other Standard Templates to load standard Budget Journal Approval templates and then create workflows based on the templates that can be used in the budgeting process.

G/L Budget Entry Page 

The G/L Budget Entry page accessible from Chart of Accounts is now not editable.

Budget Journal and G/L Budget Entry Attachments

You can now add attachments to the Budget Journal and G/L Budget Entry.

General Ledger 

The following General Ledger improvements were made in version 9.07:

Copying Dimension Combinations

In this release a method was added to create a new set of Dimension Combination records using a single filter for one of the dimensions. This is done on the Dimension Combination page using the Copy action. For more information, see How to Copy Dimension Combinations.

Mass Changing Posting Dates on Recurring Journals

You can now use the Change Posting Date command on recurring General Journals to change the posting date on the journal lines.

Dimension Combination Code on Cash Receipt Journal

Dimension Combination Codes now appear on the Cash Receipt Journal.

Incoming Documents on General Journal

You can now add attachments to Budget Journal and G/L Budget Entries. Attachments added to Budget Journal are also added to the G/L Budget Entry.

Totals on G/L Entries and General Journal

On-screen totals now appear on G/L Entries, the General Journal, and on the pages drillable from the Chart of Accounts. This should improve ad-hoc reporting.

Online Requisitions

The following improvements were made to Online Requisitions in version 9.07:

Purchase Requisitions/Payment Requests

  • Print View changes - details moved to a separate line, more space between Description on Vendor Item No.
  • Over-budget approval support for all 8 dimensions

Purchase Receipts

  • You now receive a message on receiving purchase receipts
  • Added dimension combination codes and reorganized files in the Item section of the receipt page

Financial Analysis

The following improvements to Financial Analysis were made in version 9.07:

Financial Analysis Export Now Includes Details

The Financial Analysis Export To Excel now includes the Details record in a new column. 

Net Change Export to Excel Details

The Net Change Export to Excel report now includes details.

New Dimensions

  • Financial Analysis now supports filtering on all eight dimensions.
  • You can now view eight dimensions in Budget Dimensions.


The following improvements to Purchasing were made in version 9.07:

Suppress Budget Purchase/Payment Requests for Employees

You can hide the Budget tab and insufficient budget warnings on Purchase and Payment requests. Use this setting for groups of employees who should not see budget related details. This is set in the Show Budget PR Employee field, which is located on the EWA Profile Card's General FastTab. Setting the field to True displays the Budget tab and insufficient budget warnings. This field default to True to maintain compatibility with previous Sparkrock releases, where this information was always shown.

Hide Invoices before Specified Date

You can hide invoices before a specified date from displaying on Employee Center. This can improve the responsiveness of the Employee Center, especially when many older records are present. Set this with the Hide Invoices Before Date field, which is located on the EWA Setup window's Purchase-Payment Requests FastTab.

Dimension Combination Code on Commitment Entries

Dimension Combination Codes now display on commitment entries. 

Uploading Images to Items and Expense Type

You can now upload images to items and expense types, and view images on an inventory item in the factbox panel for this page.

For more information, see Importing Images.

Contract Management

The Contracts list was added to Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 in this release. This window is a user-defined list for managing different contract types such as: license agreements, sales contracts, service agreements, IT contracts, and so on.

To access the Contracts window, type Contracts in the Search field and then select the object.

For more information, see Contract Management.

Penny Rounding

The Adjust Penny Rounding flag was added to the Purchases & Payables Setup page to Microsoft Dynamics NAV. When this option is enabled and the entered Total Incl. Tax Input value is within $0.01 (positive or negative) of the Amount Including VAT calcfield in the related Purchase Header (38) record, the system will auto create the $0.01 difference record either during the release (or posting process).

Usability Improvements

Various usability improvements were made to details and comments in the Request Inbox.

On-Hold Finance Requests

Added the ability to put approved Purchase Requisitions, Payment Requests, and Expense Claims on hold for further review. Once the request is processed this flag is removed. A new tile has been added to the Purchasing Agent role center to show the number of requests on hold. New filtered lists for requests on hold have been added to the Purchasing Agent and Accounts Payable Clerk role centers.

On Screen Totals for Commitments

You can now view on page totals for Detailed Commitment Ledger Entries.

Purchase Request Type on Purchase Lines

The Purchase Request type has been added to Purchase Orders, Archived Purchase Orders, Purchase Invoices and Purchase Credit Memos. It is non-editable when the line on the document is linked to a Purchase Requisition and editable when the line was added manually.

Online Expense Claims

The following improvements to online expense claims were made in version 9.07:

Usability Improvements

  • Various usability improvements were made to the Expenses and Claims page. Added a setting that controls the order and which tabs are shown for expenses and claims.  The Workflow field has been added to EWA Setup window's Expense Claim FastTab. 
  • Approvers no longer see unassigned expenses as this information is not relevant during the approval process.

Customizable Expenses & Claims pages

You can use one of the three workflow modes to customize the order in which expenses and claims appear in Employee Center. Change this setting if your workflow is to create a claim before entering expense lines, or if expense lines are only ever entered on an existing claim. This is set in the Workflow Options field, which is located on the EWA Setup window's Expense Claims FastTab.

Customizable Tax Caption Field

You can customize the caption for Tax Area (which defaults to Purchase Location). This is set in the Tax Caption field, which is located on the EWA Setup window's Expense Claims FastTab. If Tax Caption is blank, then the default caption is used. 

Viewable Dimensions

Employees and managers can now see on the summary line of the expense the dimension codes for the dimensions selected in the detailed page. 

Importing Excel Files as Attachments

You can import excel files as attachments for expenses. 

Accounts Payable

The following improvements to Accounts Payable were made in version 9.07:

Changing Dimension Combinations

You can now change the dimension combination code on a Purchase Invoice when the line is linked to a Purchase Receipt.

PR Type on Get Purchase Order Line Page

The Get Purchase Order Line page now displays the PR Type associated with each purchase order line.

Purchase Invoice Alerts

You can now see a warning when the amount on the Purchase Invoice exceeds the amount from the Purchase Order. You can enable a Purchase Invoice workflow that will route the Purchase Invoice for approval.

Accounts Receivable

The following improvement to Accounts Receivable was made in version 9.07:

Details Field on Sales Invoices

Details field has been added to Sales Invoices and Sales Credit Memos. The field is available on the print form and in the Word report layout.

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