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Updates to Workforce

This section highlights changes and enhancements to the Workforce module from the 9.07 release of the Sparkrock solution.

General Usability

  • References to Pay Cycle Code on the Employee record of the Record of Employment report have been removed.
  • Appraisal attachments now support the TIFF format.
  • The Include Payroll Journal boolean from Dimension Validation Setup was extended to include HR Request and HR PLE. 

Employee Scheduling 

The following improvements to employee scheduling were made in version 9.07:

Requesting Shift Absences

Employees can now request that they be taken off a particular shift. This is an Employee Center feature.

For more information, see Requesting Shift Absences.

Splitting Shifts

Employees and Unit Supervisors can now split a shift into two (or more parts). When used in conjunction with the Request Shift Absences feature, this enables employees to take time off from a part of a shift.

For example, consider an employee that is originally scheduled to work from 9 am to 5 pm but requires time off from 3 pm - 5 pm for a doctor's appointment. The employee may split the original shift into two parts: 9 am to 3 pm, and 3 pm to 5 pm and then use the Request Absence feature to ask for the second part of the shift as time off.

For more information, see Splitting Shifts.

Change Absence Type

Scheduling Administrators can now change the cause of absence and the activity associated with it on an absent shift directly from the Shift card.

Usability Improvements

Various usability improvements were made to Employee Center:

  • A Today's Shifts button was added to the Unit Schedule page.
  • Previous/Next buttons were added to the Shift Details page.
  • Unit Supervisors can view absence information on the absent shift. 
  • You can now view comments on activities in a tooltip by hovering over the Comment icon. 
  • Non-trained employees can now view shifts to which they are assigned on the My Schedule page by selecting Non-trained from the Schedule Unit list.
  • You can now confirm shifts directly from the Shift Details page by using the new Confirm button.

Payroll Administration

The following improvements were made to Payroll Administration functionality in version 9.07:


You can now create the ONE-T export file using a new Integration Framework called HRIS Export. This allows for more end user control over the data being exported.

For more information, see ONE-T HRIS Export.

Canada Savings Bonds 

Functionality for Canada Savings Bonds has been discontinued and removed from the menu.

Occupation to Export Field added to Records of Employment

The Occupation to Export field has been added to the Record of Employment page. This field defaults to the Assignment Title and can be changed. This field is then exported to the ROE file to be submitted to CRA.

Mass Creating Records of Employment

You can now mass create Records of Employment (ROEs) without making assignment changes.

For more information, see Mass Creating Records of Employment.

Position Management

The following improvements were made to Position Management functionality in version 9.07:

HR Request Warnings

Users are warned if any changes to Hire, Assignment Change, and Details Change HR requests result in the FTE for the affected employee to exceed 1.00.

Mass Creating Leave and Return HR Requests

Added the ability to mass create HR Requests for a leave and return. This feature makes appropriate assignment changes for leave and create a new assignment for the expected return to work.

For more information, see Mass Creating Leave with Return HR Requests.

Tracking Pay Types

Add a new Default Pay Type field to the HR Position table and page in the Payroll FastTab.The allowable pay type values are Blank, Salary, Hourly, and Per Diem

The value of this field flows to the HR Request and can be changed there. On processing the HR Request, the new assignment has information about the Pay Type. This information can then be used to facilitate reporting.

Manitoba Education and Training Reports

Two reports required by Manitoba Education and Training have been added to NAV: Month End Staff Changes and Dept. of Education (PSP).

For more information, see Generating the Month End Staff Changes Report (Manitoba) and Generating the Dept. of Education (PSP) Report (Manitoba).

Mass Progression Update Enhancements

The Mass Progression Update, which is a Periodic Activity in the Human Resources Management module, has been enhanced to use the Next Progression Date.  Previously the system would only create HR Requests to progress the employee's salary based on Progression Units.  With this change, the system will now use the "Next Progression Date" to determine if a new HR Request needs to be created.  This new feature will only function if Progression Units are not used (i.e. this field is set to zero).  In addition, the system has been enhanced to automatically move the Next Progression Date using the Progression Date Calculation field located in the related HR Position record when the system creates the HR Requests for salary progression.  Also, the user can now edit the "Next Progression Date" for assignments without requiring an HR Request.  Lastly, the Mass Progression Update was enhanced to allow users to better filter for the assignments that should be included in the progression.

Absence Management 

The following improvements were made to Absence Management functionality in version 9.07:

From and To Dates on Absence Request and Absence Approval Emails

The From and To dates are now included on absence request and absence approval emails.

Adding Causes of Absence to Attendance Plans

Attendance Plan sorting has been updated to correctly reflect newly added Causes of Absence.

Absence Entries - Limit View of Entries to Current Year

You can now configure an absence year filter on the Attendance Plan. It uses this date to filter the employee attendance plan entries when the respective Attendance Plan is used.

NOTE: Please use this filtering only when you carry over your balances, otherwise your employee balances will not display correct values.

Carry Forward Process Improvements

The Absence EOY carry-forward routine has been enhanced to handle the previous year's  entitlements transfer, including splits over a different calendar year.

Absence Request and Absence Approval Emails 

Absence Request and Absence Approval emails from Employee Center now include the date.

Employee Management

The following improvements were made to Employee Management functionality in version 9.07:

Mass Creation of HR Tasks 

The Mass Create HR Employee Tasks batch report was added to allow the mass assigning of HR tasks to employees.

For more information, see Mass Creating HR Employee Tasks


You can set up email reminders to be sent to end users when certain events occur. This release supports the following reminder types:

  • Employee HR Tasks
  • Employee Qualifications
  • Pay Statements

For more information, see Creating Reminders.


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