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Defects Corrected in Finance

This page summarizes the defects in Finance that have been resolved with this release.

The following Finance defects have been corrected in version 9.07:  

Case/Task Number Description


Two issues were fixed in the Item Journal:

  • The Item Journal displays negative adjustments instead of positive ones.
  • The status on the Purchase Request Header incorrectly displays as Canceled instead of Completed.
CAS-13674-L9Z0 The Total Tax and Total incl. Tax fields on the Purchase Invoice now calculate the expense portion of HST before the release of the document.
CAS-13915-N8D6 In Childcare Billing, the dimension combination code on the Item card did not post through to the GL Entries table.
CAS-13952-G5N6 The Get PO Lines function no longer duplicates receipt lines.
CAS-13480-Q2D7 T4A info on the Vendor card did not appear correctly on the T4A slip.
CAS-14005-G3B0 Users were unable to attach incoming documents on the General Journal.
CAS-14088-B0K2 Using the Adjust Penny Rounding flag produced inconsistent results.
CAS-12761-Y9Y7 Users were able to select incorrect combination codes on the EWA User card.
CAS-11897-V1J0 Multiple emails are received by one approver for the same transaction. 
CAS-13621-J8S4 Posting a deposit with lines without a G/L account caused an inconsistency error. This has been corrected and now displays a more descriptive error message.
CAS-13804-G4K9 Internal and external comments are now transferred to the archived Purchase Order when you use the Delete Invoiced Purch. Orders command to mass archive Purchase Orders.
CAS-13081-N7J0 Fixed an issue with Approvals where approval notification emails were not being sent beyond the initial approver.
CAS-14118-C3S0 Trying to open imported invoices causes an "Unauthorized" message to display.
CAS-13054-Y3G8 Expense claims display an incorrect, editable value in the Date field. 
CAS-13907-J8L3 Fixed an issue caused by hidden dimensions when an expense line is updated including a change to the expense type or dimensions.
CAS-14322-P4T0 Employee Center could not complete an upgrade if it was not connected to the internet.
CAS-13740-M4H2 After adding an attachment to a payment request, users are prompted to add a description, even after one has been provided.
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