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Defects Corrected in Finance

This page summarizes the defects in the Finance module that have been resolved with release 9.08.

Accounts Payable

Case/Task Number Description
CAS-15200-R7Q8 Reconcile functionality in the Purchase Invoice Statistics form did not properly observe the Maximum Allowable Tax Difference threshold from the General Ledger Setup page. 
CAS-15326-X6K0 Changing the Dimension Combination Code field in a Purchase Invoice where the lines had been created from the "Get Receipts, etc." actions, caused an error related to the Unit of Measure Code field. The dimensions on the line were not changed to the dimensions associated with the new Dimension Combination Code.

Additionally, posting the purchase invoice cased an error since the line had different values in key fields versus the previously posted purchase receipt line.
CAS-15843-S8S0 When a Purchase Invoice is created from a payment request or from Get PO lines, the calculated tax on the lines was incorrect.
1786 The Penny Rounding feature was not working correctly with Purchase Credit Memos.

Cash Management

Case/Task Number Description
CAS-15361-D4X9 Import from Excel functionality was not working correctly on the Deposit page. Users can now use the template available on the Customer Success Center to import deposit lines.
CAS-15363-R6R5 When the user selected the action to Create Cash Receipt from the Cash Receipt Batch list or card pages, users were able to process this request even when the Cash Receipt Batch status was not set to Open

General Ledger

Case/Task Number Description
CAS-15573-J1N9 In some cases, opening the G/L Budget Entries page from certain areas of the system made the dimension columns unavailable to the user. 
CAS-15324-Z9V8 When specifying Limit Totals To on the Chart of Accounts page for any of the dimensionless, the Pre-Commitments (Approved) column would not change.
CAS-15751-N2D1 When more than one link or attachment was attached to a General Journal line, the system was only moving the first record to the posted G/L Entry record.

Online Expense Claims

Case/Task Number Description
5306/CAS-14925-Y8K0  On the Expense Claim Approver view, the Est. Net Cost field displays an incorrect value when Tax Area contains a value for Tax Expensed.

Online Requisitions

Case/Task Number Description
CAS-15439-K8G9 The EWA User page's Security Override was not saved.
CAS-15234-Q5C2 The Avg. No of Days to Approve in the EWA User FactBox was sometimes causing a performance issue when new users were added.
5336 / CAS-14467-W5V6 Clicking Print View from the Employee Center Purchase Requisition and Payment Requisition pages automatically populated the vendor's email address in the To field. 

The Empty Vendor Email field was added to the EWA Setup page to control this behavior. When this field set to True, the vendor email field is left blank.
5325 / CAS-15217-T4S9 Purchase Requisitions were incorrectly populating the Approvers section when no default approver exists.
5369 The Save button is disabled on Purchase Receipts.


Case/Task Number Description
CAS-15611-B9W5 Customers that do not use Employee Center were getting a permission error on items for item images. 
CAS-15302-X3G8 Once a purchase requisition is archived, the attachments added by Employee Center users were not visible within Microsoft Dynamics NAV. 
CAS-15276-J2Y5 When individually changing the Purchase Requisition line status to Approved, the document header did not update correctly.
CAS-15967-B1T9 Sales tax is incorrectly calculated and/or displayed when a document is re-opened and re-released.

When using rapid start services to import attributes, you must move field Table ID to be executed before Name, in table Item Attribute and enable validation for Name to prevent data duplication. Otherwise an error will occur. 

For more information, see How to Import Attributes.

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