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Defects Corrected in Workforce

This page summarizes the defects in the Workforce module that have been resolved with release 9.08.

Absence Management

Case/Task Number Description

Absence Confirmation links opened the incorrect time period.

The link in the Absence Confirmation emails were changed to point to the Entry No. instead of the Pay Cycle Period No.

CAS-16104-J5V7 When a new cause of absence was added to an attendance plan, Employee Attendance Plan Lines did not update. 
5267 / CAS-14464-H6J4 The Attendance page was unable to load.
5236 Creating and saving multiple absence requests without submitting them caused a vacation overbalance if they were later submitted en masse. 
5355 Absence Confirmation links were opening the incorrect time period.
5368 Absence requests that were opened from the Calendar view in Internet Explorer redirected users to the home page.

Benefit Management

Case/Task Number Description
CAS-14893-Y5C5 A problem existed with the OTIP Export integration that was caused by using a different date format than Microsoft Dynamics NAV. 

The OTIP export was changed to better handle differences in how dates are stored in NAV versus the system date format. 

Employee Management

Case/Task Number Description
CAS-15662-T7B7 When creating HR requests for an assignment on leave, the Leave fields did not correctly populate.

Resolved two issues:

  • When an HR Request effective date is within the pay period dates of the report, the employees Current Grid and FTE are grossly overstated. 
  • The Status for employees on Leave are not displaying on the OECTA report with AC. 

Employee Scheduling 

Case/Task Number Description
CAS-14984-Z2J9 After reverting a payroll transfer, shifts that were manually added to a schedule did not display the correct shift status.
CAS-15451-T7F2 Shifts with non-active assignments issued a warning. This condition now generates an error instead of a warning.

Resolved several defects in Employee Scheduling:

  • The Shift Status field was incorrectly set as editable.
  • The Employee Position field was not editable for Absent Shifts. Scheduling Administrators can now update the employee assignment when the current assignment is no longer active.
  • Blocked HR Positions were not filtered out when adding a position to a Schedule Unit.
CAS-15190-H3W4 Transferred and posted shifts could be overwritten if a schedule template was applied to the same pay cycle and Overwrite Existing Shifts was selected. 
CAS-15191-M5J9 Temporary scheduling tables are not cleared correctly, which causes performance issues.

Resolved several issues with changing absence types:

  • Changing absence type caused the linked Absence Request status to be changed to Open
  • Posting shifts linked to a Absence Request for multiple days updated the absence information on shifts that were already posted or transferred to payroll.
  • Processing an Absence Request inserted a line in Absence Registration.
CAS-14017-X4L3 When recording shift absences for employees assigned to units outside their primary area, only shifts in the primary area were made absent. 
5259 / CAS-14651-S7R3 Activity payroll control codes incorrectly default to shift default payroll control code instead of activity payroll control code. 
5251 / CAS-14649-X1B7 The employee look up list is ordered by the seniority sort selection as specified on Schedule Setup.
5248 When using the Time Clock add-on, Employees were able to view and clock in to unavailable shifts.
5266 Changing the default Pay Control always changes the activities, even if you choose "No".
5274 / CAS-14765-Q0T8 Without a default Approver, Purchase Requisitions were incorrectly populating the Approvers section.
CAS-15571-H8D9 Shift offers remained active after the shift is split.

This is no longer the case:  when a shift is split users are sent emails notifying them that the offer is cancelled.
CAS-13914-N5Z7 Processing Absence Requests and Make Vacant through NAV did not respect the Prevent Negative Balance flag on the cause of absence selected for the absence, including the sequenced entries.
CAS-16167-W9H5 In certain cases, the Unit Schedule showed duplicate shifts when a non-supervisor employee viewed the page.
CAS-16217-P3Q1 When placing a single bid from Employee Center, the Pending flag is not set for on the shift.
CAS-15776-M9L9 Absence linked shift were not correctly linked to the appropriate Absence Request.

Employee and Manager Self-Service

Case/Task Number Description

The pay statement generation service fails with a Bad Request error. 

Generating pay statements no longer uses the server's local file system to hold the PDF files. The Temp SaveAsPDF Path field on the Master EWA Setup page is no longer used.

5263 Users were unable to choose from an existing employee when entering HR requisitions.
CAS-14728-D1B2 Very slow load times on the HR Requisition page. A full solution requires SQL database tuning. Please speak to your Sparkrock solution specialist to arrange this activity.

Payroll Administration

Case/Task Number Description

When running the Export Payroll Setups by Payroll Control, all Tax Forms and Tax Form Classes are exported.

The Payroll export setups were updated so that only the Tax Forms and Tax Form Classes associated with the Payroll control are exported.

CAS-15627-P5B0 The payroll validation process did not notify users of missing NET PAY records.
CAS-15465-S6R6 Updating an employee's bank account on the Employee card's Pay Distribution tab did not correctly update the bank account under Pay Distribution on the Vendor card.

Position Management

Case/Task Number Description
CAS-15145-M6H9 The Copy Pay Struct. Header function only accepted two decimal places for the Percentage Increase Factor field on the Report Request page. This has been increased to four digits.
CAS-16022-C4J0 The HR Request Import generates an error if the last import element is empty.

Time Entry

Case/Task Number Description
5264 / CAS-14831-T5L6 Employee Center did not display an error message when submitting time sheets.
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