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Upgrade Considerations

This section highlights key considerations when upgrading from earlier versions of the Sparkrock solution to version 9.08.

Upgrade Considerations for 9.08


Your Project Manager needs to have your license regenerated and applied to your test and live environments.

Employee and Manager Self-Service

The Temp SaveAsPDF Path field on the Master EWA Setup page is no longer used.

Online Requisitions

The Empty Vendor Email field was added to the EWA Setup page to control whether or not clicking Print View from the Employee Center Purchase Requisition and Payment Requisition pages automatically populates the vendor's email address in the To field. 

The check box is disabled by default. If you want to omit the vendor email, this option should be enabled.

New Tables

The following tables have been added in this release:

  • Record Set Definition (8400)
  • Record Set Tree (8401)
  • Record Set Buffer (8402)
  • Option (23020165)
  • Option Value (23020166)
  • Option Value Buffer (23020167)
  • Option Set Buffer (23020170)
  • Picture (23020171)
  • ONE-T Payroll Deduction (23046130)


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