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Expense Claims


New / Updated Features Details
Expense Claim Redesign to 2016 (9.02) Expense claims have been fully redesigned to our new interface making for a much more user-friendly experience.  Expenses are added as incurred and then added to a claim at the time of a submission.

New Features Highlights

New / Updated Features Details
Multi-Currency Support (9.02) Multi-Currency is now available in expense claims so that expenses can be submitted in other currencies and then converted in the system.  Note that multiple currencies must be setup and maintained in the system.
Line Level Attachments (9.02) Expense claim attachments are now assigned to each expense item or line.  This means that they are specific to that expense and can be looked at in association with each line instead of overall for the whole claim.
Integration with Corporate Credit/Purchase Card Corporate Credit card statement import functionality was added and improved to use a better import file making the import much easier.  This is also fully integrated into the expense system where it creates expense items that just need to be coded and added to an expense claim with attachments to process these transactions.

Expense Processing

New / Updated Features Details
Duplicate Warning (9.01) Warnings setup to prevent duplicate expenses from being submitted and processed.
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