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General Ledger

General Journals

New / Updated Features Details
Journal Approvals and Workflows (9.01) The addition of workflows to the system allows the user to have control over workflow approvals on the different general journal templates.  This allows for a much more surgical way of having approvals in different areas.  Multi-level journal approvals can be achieved without customization as well as specific approval processes down to the individual batch.
Standard Journals Support for Details, Dimension Combo, and Dimensions (9.01) Standard journals are a fast way to load pre entered journal entries into a journal and they didn’t support the details, description or dimension combinations.  The addition of dimension combinations is the part that adds the most excitement and value.
Attachments Indicator General Journal Entries (8.04) With the addition of attachments on general journal line there was no easy way without going into the line to see that there was an attachment.  With this addition attachments can now be seen by a flag on the line that there are comments and attachments present.


New / Updated Features Details
Sales and Purchase Documents G/L Posting in Details The standard system previously would only allow posting in summary from the AR and AP sub ledgers out to the GL giving a standard summarized line in the GL with no detail.  Now with flags on both the Sales & Receivables Setup as well as the Purchase &Payables setup the system can post out to the general ledger in detail providing more information without having to drill into the sub-ledger.

Fund accounting (8.03)

New / Updated Features Details
Ability to Establish a Relationship between Dimensions, Calculate and Post Due To/From Entries The addition of auto balancing fund accounting was a great addition for those organizations needing to track by separate funds and do balancing entries with a due to/from entries.  The relationships can now be established from one control fund out to many other funds and a process run to generate all of the elimination entries.  These entries are not automatically posted so they may be reviewed prior to posting.
Support for General Journals, A/R and A/P The addition of the fund accounting brought with it not only the ability to do the balancing entries on the general journal entries but also in AR and AP.

Dimension Combination and Validation

New / Updated Features Details
Dimension Combination Validation by Dimension and Document Type Further information was added to the Dimension Combination Validation page.  The page continues to have the old features but the system can be configured to only validate combinations on certain documents or for certain dimensions or any combination of.  This added some needed flexibility, especially when it came to things like posting to fixed assets when combinations are including G/L Account numbers in some implementations.
Dimension Combination Code posted to G/L Entry The Dimension Combination Code that was on a line is now posted out to the G/L Entry.  This enables the combination to be retrieved in reporting without having to write complicated reports to join to the combination table to lookup the combination code.
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