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Accounts Payable


New / Updated Features Details
A/P Batch Management Optimizations (8.04)  
Attachment Flow from Request to Purchase Documents (9.01) This is an excellent addition and it allows for attachments that were submitted in Employee Centre (formerly, WebApps) to be passed not only to the request inbox but now right over to the purchase documents.  Previously the attachment would come into the request inbox but when the purchase document was created there was no simple way to view that attachment.  In 901 we gained the ability to view these attachments right from the purchase document itself.  Saving significant time in looking up these files.

Accounts Payable T4A

New / Updated Features Details
Standard Document and Optimization (8.04)  

EFT and Email Remittance

New / Updated Features Details
EFT Export Formats Supported (8.04) Additional standard EFT remittance formats were added to the product allowing organizations the ability to switch to other financial institutions without the need for having a custom layout designed provided they are one of the following formats. RBC-152, RBC-1464, TD-80, CIBC-80, SB-105, BMO-80, ATB-96
Ability to enter user defined email body text for Electronic Fund Transfer (8.04) Previously the system was hard coded and needed a developer to edit the body of the email remittance sent out with the EFT remittance process.  This can now be done from the Email setup page.
The "Remittance Sent" updated after each document Previously the system wouldn’t flag the remittance sent on any of the documents if one emails failed to send and there was no easy way to detect where the error occurred and if you fixed it and resent it would resend to all users.  Now the system goes down the list in order and sends one at a time flagging them as they are sent.  This makes it much easier to see what one failed and to ensure multiples aren’t sent to the same person
EFT Email Sent Log and lookup from Vendor Card This feature created a link from the vendor card to the EFT Email sent log.  This makes looking up when and what remittance advice was sent to a user very easy.  Previously there was a lot of hunting around but now a user can go to the vendor card and quickly see all remittance advices sent to a vendor and when they were sent when they get the inevitable call saying a vendor didn’t get paid.
Improved email address error issues support When the send email button is pressed on the payment journal the error messages have more information about what the issue is than before.
PDF Remittance Archive Folder The PDF Remittance Archive Folder is defined on the Purchase & Payables setup and contains an individual duplicate copy of every remittance advice that was delivered VIA email.


New / Updated Features Details
Blank Posting Description on Purchase Lines (8.04) A blank posting description is now allowed.
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