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New / Updated Feature Details
Pay Rates on Pay Stubs  The Earnings section on the payroll cheque and cheque re-print was enhanced to account for changes in pay rates that occur during a payroll cycle
Payroll Journal Test Report with Dimension Analysis (06887) The Payroll Journal Test Report displays dimension values for the following options: Regular Test Report, Pre-Check Test Report.
Pay Period End Date on Manually Entered Payroll Journal Lines (06575) When Payroll Journal line is manually entered, Pay Period End Date comes from the Default Pay Period on the header
Misc. HR/Payroll (06344) Page AEP Tax Form is now non-editable. In addition:
  • When Advanced Position Management is enabled Position Code and Original Position Code are not visible on the HR Employee Card.
  • Employee Card action from the ribbon on HR Position Ledger Entries opens the HR Employee Card.
  • Payroll Check Posting Date now sorts Ledger entries from newest to oldest.
  • Deleting Time Entry from Payroll Journal Resets the Status on Time Entry (06693) - When users are deleting unposted time entry lines from Payroll Journal the status on the time entry lines is set back to Approved and “Transferred to Payroll” field is unchecked.
  • Sorting Order on My Paystubs (06888) - The sorting on My Paystubs has been changed to sort by newest to oldest “Pay Date”.
  • Dimensions Three to Eight on Payroll Ledger Entry (07195).
  • Payroll Check Ledger Entry and Allocation Posting Batch (07206) - When "Open Allocation Posting Batch" is used and the Allocation Posting Batch is posted, the Payroll Check Ledger Entry for the Employee is created. This entry allows the user to re-print any payroll pay statement.
  • Temp. Amount can now be added as a column to the Payroll Journal Lines.
  • Better handling of pay rates when the pay rate is changed affecting a Pay Cycle Period.
  • Payroll Journal: Amount and Total amount reflect the total from the values in the Payroll Amount column.
  • Record of Employment: Other Monies Type list values has been expanded.
  • Payroll Journal Test Report: If Advanced Position Management is enabled, do not test for a value in the Insurable Hours field on the Net Pay line.
Pay Cheque: Earning Details (07026) Earning Details section has been added to the payroll cheque print and re-print reports.
Payroll Journal: HR Position Ledger Entry No. on Absence Registration Entries (07100) When Payroll Journal Pre-load pulls entries from Absence Registration the engine now finds and adds the HR Position Ledger Entry No. for the position with the highest rank.
Time Entry References to Payroll Journal Template (07186) When all the entries in the Payroll Journal Batch are deleted, the process resets the Time Entries back to the original Status.

All references to Payroll Journal Template and Batch have been removed
Timesheet Lines with Quantity Zero (07515) When an approved timesheet line with quantity zero is transferred to Payroll Journal, the status on the line changes to Transferred to Payroll without bringing in the zero line.
Approved Timesheets Total Hours (07560) Approved Timesheets Total Hours on HCM Payroll Administrator has been updated to match the numbers from the Time Sheet Card.
Timesheet Print View A print view has been added to the Timesheet Card.
Timesheets Timesheet and Timesheet Approval have been converted to the new user interface with multiple improvements in the functionality. In addition, we have:
  • Added a Timesheet Print View
  • Improved the look and feel and the Timesheet Approval page from list to tile
Employer: Employer Details FactBox (07432) The Employer Details FactBox has been modified to display different fields depending if the system was configured for Position Management or Advanced Position Management.
Preview Pay Cheque (07288) Users no longer receive Pay Cheque Print Buffer error when trying to post Cheques from Payroll Journal.
Payroll Journal: Select Batch in Comparison Analysis (07114) Customers that have numbers in their Journal Batch Name can now select previously used values in Comparison Analysis.
Payroll Journal Validation (05792) Payroll Administrators can now check the Payroll Journal for errors before printing cheques or paying via EFT. The functionality also supports Dimension Combination validation through a new setting introduced on the Dimension Validation Setup.

For more details please refer to the user guide available on the client portal.
Pay Cycle Dates on Pay Stubs (07541) Pay cycle dates have been added to the Pay Stub generated from the Payroll Journal.
Pay Cheque for Position Management (07603) The updated Payroll Cheque is now supported for clients not using Advanced Position Management.
Total Earnings Calculations on Pay Cheque (07659) YTD amounts are now broken down by Payroll Control Code.

YTD amounts are now retrieved when the Payroll Control belonging to them is not on the current cheque, but the HR Position Ledger Entry associated to them is, just assigned to a different Payroll Control.
Warning in Payroll Journal - Import Payroll Lines (07274) The warning message during the Payroll Journal import from Excel indicating that the Employee No. will update a number of records has been removed.
HR Position String in Payroll Journal Preload (07648) HR Position string as part of the concatenation to populate the Description is now truncated to 50 characters when the Payroll Journal Preload in run.
Dimension Set ID on Update of Imported Payroll Journal Lines (07655) When dimension values are changed on lines imported into the Payroll Journal the Line Dimensions now shows the same values as the ones entered on the line.
Active Pay Control Warning when importing Time Sheets into Payroll Journal (07657) The Time Sheet import into the Payroll Journal now does not generate a warning about an Active Payroll Control when the employee has that Active Payroll Control.
No. of Allocations FlowField on Payroll Control Page (07806) No. of Allocations FlowField on Payroll Control page is now properly calculated.
Attaching Payroll Controls to Employee (08052) Attaching Payroll Controls to employee no longer displays “The Employee does not exists.” when no Payroll Control exists for the employee being processed.
Payroll Journal Validation with Batch Allocation (07874) Extended the functionality for Payroll Journal Validation to support Payroll Journal Batch Validation.

For more details please refer to the user guide available on the client portal.
Payroll Journal Validation EI Audit Function (07995) Test if Net Pay is identified by Payroll Control Type being Net Pay.

Issue warning if no EI Audit exist for this employee.

Repeating for each EI Audit instance for an employee, a Warning if Payroll Amount or Taxable Amount are less than or equal to zero.
Alternative Address Records for Payroll Cheque and T4/T4A (07792) Added the ability to select Alternative Address records to be used for both Pay stub production as well as Payroll T4’s, and T4A’s.
Employer and Employee Information on Cheque Reprint (08196) Company logo, employer and employee information have been added to the cheque reprint.
Multiple Absence Entries in Payroll Journal Preload (08219) Absence entries when transferred to Payroll Journal through the Payroll Journal Preload are now summarized by Payroll Control Code. A new table “Employee Absence Payroll Ref.” has been added to serve as a reference which lines have been grouped on the Payroll Journal. The table is updated on transfer to Payroll Journal, deletion of Payroll Journal lines or posting the journal.
Voiding Cheque does not populate HR Position and HR Position Ledger Entry in Payroll Ledger Entry (08381) Voiding cheques now populates HR Position and HR Position Ledger Entry in Payroll Ledger Entry.


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